Katy employs a ‘heartbreak coach’

It’s fair to say Katy Perry’s had a tough time when it comes to affairs of the heart. It’s just weeks since the singer split from John ‘The Player’ Mayer, and that turbulent eight-month relationship came hot on the heels of her painful divorce from Russell Brand. While she was all smiles for the cameras at last week’s Coachella Music Festival, friends have told Grazia that privately Katy is still wrestling with heartbreak – the upset caused by her split from John having brought the hurt of the breakdown of her 14-month marriage into sharp focus once again. So Katy, 28, has apparently turned to a specialist ‘heartbreak coach’. ‘It seems breaking up with John has made Katy realise that she’s still harbouring a lot of grief about Russell that she never properly dealt with at the time,’ said a source. ‘She feels seeing a heartbreak coach is the only way to resolve this.’ So what does a heartbreak coach do? Apparently, like a life coach, the therapists nurse you through every aspect of a break-up. Last week, Grazia spoke to Aurora Winter, 53, who has been coaching people in LA through heartbreak for 20 years. ‘People can suffer for up to eight years after a break-up,’ she said. ‘But with coaching they can feel better in five to eight weeks. People think it just takes time to deal with heartbreak, but it takes action. Unlike therapy, coaching is more empowering.’ Friends say Katy has started seeing her own coach since ending it with John last month. She is believed to be following a programme similar to the one offered by Aurora. ‘I prefer if people come to me right after a painful break-up,’ said Aurora. ‘A broken heart is like a broken arm. When you break your arm, you see a doctor right away. I take them through
whatever painful experiences they had and encourage them to stop holding on to them.’Former TV and film producer Aurora became a heartbreak coach at the age of 31, after her husband died suddenly aged 33, leaving her with a four-year old son. ‘I coach people with a nine-step programme. One step is the “grief release wheel”, where clients look at their life and see where it’s off-balance. They then start improving those aspects of their life.’ Aurora – also founder of the Grief Coach Academy – has been visited by many high-profile clients. ‘Being in LA, many of them are in the
entertainment industry,’ she said. ‘Celebrities are normal people and they suffer exactly the same as anyone else going through heartbreak – sometimes more so as it’s often very public. I help people move forward, which gives them hope. I love to give people their lives back.’Katy and Russell split in December 2011 when the comedian filed for divorce. It came after they had spent an increasing amount of time apart due to their conflicting work schedules, although Katy was said to be left ‘blindsided’ by the move. And Russell’s recent digs aren’t said to have helped the healing
process. ‘Let me tell you a thing about marriage,’ he recently said. ‘Marriage is a bond that can last up to 14 months… This is a sacred 14-month arrangement. Begins on an elephant, ends in a newspaper.’ Let’s hope that Katy’s coach can help her heal that broken heart of hers for good.

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