Coach Training Myths

Myths About Coaching

Whether you're already a certified coach or you're just thinking about becoming a coach,
don't let these common myths stop you from achieving your full potential!

MYTH: Coaches don't make any money

FACT: On average, coaches earn $200/hr

According to a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers commissioned by the the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaches earn an average of $207 per hour. Full-time coaches earn an average of $82,671 per year. (This study encompassed both ICF and non-ICF coaches and surveyed almost 6,000 coaches worldwide and was published in The New York Times in January 2008)

MYTH: Marketing is for people who don't care

FACT: Marketing is essential if you really care about reaching people and changing lives 

You can't change lives if no one works with you. If you really care about people, you owe it to them to get the word out about your coaching services. It is not enough to have great coaching skills. You must also have great marketing in order to fully contribute your talents to the world. Writing a book is a great way to market yourself.

MYTH: I don't need to be able to help people through grief

FACT: Grief is inevitable. Whether it is caused by a divorce, death, breakup or another loss, heartbreak is part of life.

Having solid communication, leadership, and listening skills will set you apart from your competition no matter what your specific profession.

MYTH: I need an office to start coaching.

FACT: Most coaching is done over the phone 

In fact, 2/3 of coaching is done over the phone. Phone coaching is very effective. You can start a coaching business without investing in a lot of overhead. You don't need an office.

MYTH: Being a coach will tie me down

FACT: Coaching is an ideal career to maximize your personal freedom 

There's no need to be tied to an office or any 9 - 5, Monday - Friday schedule. You can -- and should -- design your coaching business to support your ideal lifestyle and schedule. What this means to you is that you can take Mondays and Fridays off and enjoy 5-day weekends every week. You can take advantage of Skype, and coach your clients even as you travel around the world. Coaching is an ideal business to maximize your personal freedom.

MYTH: It will take me a long time to build a successful coaching business.

FACT: It's possible to build a successful coaching business quickly.

If you're following the right recipe, you can build your coaching business quickly. The right mentoring and the right marketing make all the difference. W. Clement Stone said, "Little hinges swing big doors." One good idea can cause a huge shift in your thinking, your marketing, and your income.

MYTH: I will get drained emotionally

FACT: It can be very emotionally rewarding 

If you have the right training, coaching someone from heartbreak to happiness can be one of the most deeply fulfilling experiences in your life. Clients are deeply appreciative when you coach them back to happiness in a few months. Without coaching people typically suffer 5-8 years.

MYTH: I need a lot of clients to succeed

FACT: You don't need many clients to be successful

For example, if you talk to talk to 11 clients per week at $200 per hour, you will earn $114,400 per year. More important, you will be making a significant difference.

MYTH: I need to be perfect to be a good coach

FACT: A good coach is authentic and growing. A great coach has experienced and overcome major obstacles 

When you try to be perfect, you put that same pressure on your client. Our deepest wounds can often become the source of our greatest gift to give others. Once we have healed, we can become lighthouses for others.