Aurora Winter on CBS TV "How to Have an Extraordinary Income"

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VIP Mastermind & Media Coaching (Oct. 5-6)

Master your marketing and messaging in an exclusive VIP setting for a 2-day immersion in magnetic marketing. Media Coaching is designed for successful small business owners, CEOs, coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs ready to take it to the next level by getting on radio and TV.

Get more personal attention and drill down with the powerful PEAK Mastermind process. Brainstorm your business opportunities and discover breakthroughs.

Design your own signature story in a way that engages your audience, resulting in deep connection and deep respect, so that your ideal client is compelled to become your client and your fan, so that you can attract clients rather than chasing after them. A powerful signature story is memorable and repeatable, so it turns creates dozens of people marketing for you willingly and freely, as they spread your message for you.

Rave Review From a Recent VIP Mastermind
"I got a lot of tangible tools I can use to take our business to the next level and impact people's lives even more." - Marc

Rave Review From a Recent VIP Mastermind
"I do a lot of media, yet Aurora was able to help me take my message to a deeper and more powerful place quickly. It was amazing." - Kelly

Early Bird Special Ends September 21st!

October 6-7 VIP Mastermind Investment: $1,997 cost $5,000
Bring your spouse, business partner, or guest to the mastermind for $497 extra
Big Bonus: INCLUDES October 4-5 Fastrack Your Marketing  event Oct 4-5

Cost $5,000
Early Bird Special: 1,997 for 1 person: October 4, 5, 6 & 7

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Cost $10,000
Early Bird Special: $2,447 for 2 people  October 4, 5, 6 & 7

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Rave Review From a Recent VIP Mastermind
"Within 3 minutes... a whole new world opened up for me... and I thank Aurora for that." - Allana

Rave Review From a Recent VIP Mastermind
"It is so important to create a clear, compelling message. And to systematize delivery to my customers in order to bring my gifts, skills, and talents to the world. I can't thank Aurora enough for how wonderful her program is!" - Bill

October 4-7, 2014 - Fastrack Your Marketing event  & VIP PEAK Mastermind
Hotel near LAX, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Marketing Fastrack Event (Oct. 4-5)

Design a compelling enrolling conversation so that you stand out from the crowd. Attract clients, referrals, and fans. It's not always WHAT you deliver, it's also HOW you deliver it. The Fastrack Your Marketing workshop is different -- you will not only learn what to do, you will do it as well. This weekend is for anyone who is eager to communicate their message more powerfully. Studies show that people earning $200,000 or more have a memorable and compelling answer to the question "What do you do?" Watch Aurora Winter on a recent CBS interview on this topic, above.

What Do YOU Do?

You will leave this powerful weekend with your own memorable and compelling enrolling conversation.

You will learn:

      • How to make sure you're choosing a profitable niche
      • How to have a powerful enrolling conversation
      • How the right marketing will create massive results
      • How to get your ideal clients lined up to work with you
      • How to create massive referrals
      • How to avoid common marketing mistakes that sabotage your success
      • How successful marketing can add 6 figures in 6 months
      • How to catapult your income and impact to the next level quickly

Rave Reviews From a Recent Event
"I'm blown away" - Brenda
"It's the real stuff. Right here. Right now. You can get it!" - Francisio

Early Bird Special Ends September 21st!

Cost $1,000
Early Bird Special: $547 for 1 person Oct 4-5

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Cost $1,000
Early Bird Special: $197/mo x 3 pmnts for 1 person Oct 4-5

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Cost $2,000
Big Bonus: bring a friend for $97 registration Oct 4-5

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October 4-5, 2014 - Hotel near LAX, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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